HORIDOIMERGEN : ОХУ-ын нийслэл хот Москвад бидний ах дvv нэгэн буриад-монгол àëàãäëàà.
Оросын ерєнхийлєгчийн дэргэдэх Буриадын тєлєєлєгчийн газарын Анатолий Лехатиновын мэдэгдсэнээр гэмт хэрэг 28-ны 19 цагийн орчим vйлдэгджээ. 28 настай Николай Прокопьев гэр лvvгээ харьж явахад нь бvлэг залуучууд тvvнд халдсан бєгєєд харсан хvмvvсийн мэдvvлсэнээр тэдгээр залуучууд гаднаасаа скинхедvvд шиг харагдаж байсан гэжээ. Прокопьев алуурчидаас зугтаах гэж оролдсон боловч тэд тvvнийг байрнуудын хооронд гvйцэ 31 удаа хутгалсан бєгєєд залуу ухаан оролгvй байсаар нас барсан байна. ОХУ-ын Ерєнхийлєгч В.В.Путинд хандсан Москва хот дахь Буриад-Монголчуудын захидал (орос,англи хэлээр) THE APPEAL From MOSCOW DIASPORA of the BURYAT YOUTH To the PRESIDENT of RUSSIA V .V. Putin In connection with the brutal murder of NIKOLAY PROKOPYEV Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! We, CITIZENS of Russia, inhabitants and natives of Buryatiya and the Buryat autonomous regions, students, journalists, scientific, cultural and art workers address to you this appeal in connection with the brutal murder of our compatriot Nikolay Prokopyev. Nikolay Prokopyev was born in the Republic Buryatiya in 1978. He graduated from the East- Siberian State Technological University in Ulan-Ude. In Moscow he worked as Senior Manager in "Roseurobank". He was a loving son, a devoted friend and a remarkable, kind, cheerful, courageous person. On February, 28, 2007 in Moscow on Federative Avenue, Nikolay Prokopyev was brutally killed by a group of young men. He received more that 30 knife wounds. There are many reasons to conclude, that this murder was accomplished on the basis of racial hatred. Murder on basis of racial hatred – it is a disgusting crime. The growth of street crime like this with the passive disregard by authorities to the chauvinistic moods in modern Russia is a strong indication that our country approaches national disorder and boundless cynicism of authority. We protest against the situation in the Russian cities when practically monthly there are murders of people on ethnic grounds; (one week before, on February, 19 in the center of Moscow, the chief of the power commission of Republic Ingushetiya, Batir Kurkyev was murdered – he received 40 blows with a scrap of pipe). We protest this atmosphere of fear and a forcing of interethnic hatred. We are convinced, that the Russian Federation is the state which is called upon to provide to all citizens equal rights and freedoms, otherwise it simply loses the sense of existence. We demand from the Russian authorities and personally from the President of Russia, V.V. Putin as the guarantor of constitutional laws, equal rights and freedom of Russian citizens, to make certain and forceful steps to stop the growth of racism, xenophobia and discrimination in our country. The first step that can be made in this direction - disclosing of all crimes on racist, ethnic, or national basis, accomplished in Russia, including Nikolay Prokopyev's murder. We demand that the State Office of General Prosecutor take Nikolay Prokopyev's murder under their own control. Law enforcement bodies should take all measures for diligent, objective and careful investigation of murder of our compatriot, Russian citizen, Nikolay Prokopyev. We demand that the murderers of Nikolay Prokopyev must be brought to justice in the near future to appear at court and be sentenced with severe punishment. Moscow, March, 4, 2006 To add your name to this document, please go to the reference below and subscribe with your full name, age, city, country and your profession. Moscow, March 4, 2007
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