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Буриад-Монголын ах дvv нарын гаргасан уриалга

National autonomy – equality, development, identity 84 year ago my ancestors supported socialist revolution in Russia. They struggled in a bloody civil war for the autonomy in the new and free Soviet Socialist Russia. As a result of those efforts, in 1923 they established Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Buryat-Mongolian representatives contributed to writing one of the most progressive and democratic constitutions of that time, the constitution of Soviet Union of 1936. That constitution granted national minorities equal rights, self-determination and autonomy. One year later, Josef Stalin executed all Buryat-Mongolian leaders and split Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Republic into three parts: Buryatia, Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomy and Aga Buryat Autonomy. 40% of Buryat-Mogolian territory was included or locked in neighboring states. Seventy years later, Josef Stalin’s policy is being continued. Authorities have initiated process to merge them not with Buryatia, but with the neighboring states. But we do not want to lose our autonomies for the following reasons First. Autonomy helps national minorities to protect their equal rights. They have a flag, anthem and administrative borders. According to constitution of Russian Federation, national autonomies have equal status with all other Russian states. However, last year Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomy lost its equal status, because it was absorbed by neighboring Irkutsk state. Second. Autonomy grants a right to have own budget, which is used for local economic development. Some autonomies manage their budgets quite successfully. For example, fast developing Buryat Aga autonomy has balanced budget. However, it is going to be absorbed by economically depressed Chita state which has half deficit budget. In fact, last year Aga Buryat Automony with 70 thousand people population financed deficit of neighboring Chita state with 1.7 million people population. And it will continue paying every year if merged. Third. Autonomy gives an opportunity to preserve language and cultural identity of national minorities. Autonomies have political and economic means to cultivate their roots. For instance, Buryat language is a state language in Buryatia and Aga, but not in Ust-Orda any more. There are Buryat broadcasting in Buryatia and Aga, but not in Ust-Orda anymore. That’s because they lost their autonomy. In fact, only 10% of young Buryat population in that area can speak their native language. So, we need our autonomies for equality. We need our autonomies for development. We need our autonomies for identity. We need our autonomies for historical justice. 84 year ago my ancestors struggled in a bloody civil war for the dream to get autonomy in the new, democratic and free Russia. And now, 84 years later, their descendants have the same aspiration.
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